wildcard : [ice skating]

we've watched the tourists wipe out at rockefeller. we've swooned during the last scene of serendipity. but until this year, we had never actually gone ice skating in the big frozen apple. with the olympics coming up, we thought it was time we started our training. so savera put on her power pimp coat and jannah put her super thick juicy socks to use [when else can you wear socks that read "smells like couture" on the bottom]. we zigged. we zagged. we triple sow cowed. we quadruple goat milked. and in the end, bryant park awarded us with the gold medal [and a fine for using our camera on the ice].

1. birds eye view
2. savera powering up with m&ms
3. jannah third-wheeling
4. savera and her tail
5. relevé in skates
6. one barbie sock & one ganja sock
7. pimp of the ice
8. random acts of ballet