who is ceylaroux?

j a n n a h : is a pseudo-journalism student, natural redhead and direct spawn of chuck norris [the myth, not the man]

jannah's f o r e v e r list:

look : black on black [thoroughbred new yorker]
spot : paris 
taste : chobani greek yogurt or laduree pistachio macaroons
sip : green tea
fete : dance [center stage, so you think you can dance, NYCB, flash mobs etc.]
wild card : spontaneous accents [russian, british & african clicks]

    * * * * * * * * * * *

s a v e r a : is a sri lankan adrenaline junky, cheetah chaser and recovering shoe addict [always falling off the wagon] 

savera's f o r e v e r list:

look : just shoes [came second to carrie bradshaw in a jimmy choo-off]
spot : sri lanka
taste : the chocolate nemesis from gallery cafe in colombo. or cheese.
sip : whiskey or coffee
fete : christmas dinner [just for achchi's eggnog]
wild card : jumping off things [waterfalls, cliffs, elephants, balconies etc.]

* * * * * * * * * * *

j a n n a h  and  s a v e r a  met in florence during their freshman year of college. they have been exploring, partying, noshing, and laughing together ever since.