look : femme fatale [the litigator]

the litigator walks out of the courthouse and sees it. snow. she tries to hail a cab, but she knows it isn't going to happen. she has never been in this part of town at night. a man on the corner whistles at her. she shivers. 

across the street, a door swings open, letting out smoke and smooth jazz. she could use a drink. she walks towards the bar; a man in sunglasses holds open the door. he hands her his pool cue and says, "time to take a leak."

the bartender sidles over with a glass of wine. chardonnay, on the house. the litigator smiles and  hands her the cue. the bartender leans over slowly, dress riding up to show a stack of singles tucked into her tights. she takes a shot. the litigator takes a long sip. 

the patrons spill out into the dark night. the bartender pours one last whiskey and the man with sunglasses leaves with a blonde. the litigator is used to watching. she counts, records, takes notes. but now the table is empty. she re-racks the balls, picks up a cue and breaks. 

[the lawyer]
blazer - vintage store in paris
jewelry & belt - mom's closet 
*additional photography by ben koepp