spot : [paris]

because of mary-kate and ashley, i thought paris was a city where ten-year-olds legally rode vespas and everybody wore funky hats. in middle school, my french teacher wore a knee-length patchwork suede jacket and a white v-neck henley without a bra, but it was okay because she was french and subtle nipple was très chic... 

after falling in love with catherine deneuve's face, voice and clothing in les parapluies de cherbourg, parisian umbrellas seemed better than american ones. the first verbal phrase i learned in monsieur fall's ninth-grade class was "effeuiller la marguerite" [translation: to do he loves me, he loves me not on a flower]. basically before my first air-france plane ride, paris was pre-teen romance, bra-lessness, magical rain gear and fortune telling rose petals.

after clocking three weeks around the arrondissements, i got that paris isn't really about the place [many cities rival the cobblestones, castles and cuisine]. it is about la sensation. the timelessness. our picnic in the jardin du luxembourg could have been yesterday or one hundred years ago. the instagram-instinct shuts down and you don't mind silently munching on dates in the dusty grass. a walk through the père lachaise cemetery is a voyage through decades; the search for proust's simple onyx grave among centuries of random names puts the prolific writer's life into perspective, and allows you a moment to ponder the true raison d'être. of course, the true meaning of life becomes clear when the hottest man you have ever seen walks by with coiffed hair and une barbe sexy and says, "pardon moi." 

savera grew up eating duck pâté and all those animal innards that parisians put on a plate. she never wears a bra. she has short hair and couldn't give any fucks. in one of her past-lives, she was for sure one of toulouse lautrec's muses, a mesmerizing cancan girl who kicked up her skirt, but never revealed all the goods. she still hasn't been to paris, but when she gets there, she'll fit right in. 

1. clock at musée d'orsay
2. the reconfigured train-station entrance to musée d'orsay
3. raspberry tart
4. fox art
5. view of versailles gardens
6. a crow à la edgar allen poe
7. thick hot chocolate at chez angelina