taste : cayenne [thai chili chocolate]

yes, we'll eat any chocolate: king-sized movie bags, the overpriced llama-imported bars at the whole foods checkout counter, m&ms that took a detour to the floor [5-second rule is real, yo]. but kee's thai chili chocolate actually made us salivate [like, saint bernard slobberfest]... 

the thick dark chocolate chili-infused ganache melts on your tongue and spices up after you've swallowed. the fleur-de-lis on top of the shell was so perfect, we weren't sure if we could ruin it. we momentarily considered starting a collection of chocolate art [with a forty-foot mosaic m&m rainbow, and a commisioned reese's peanut butter cup pyramid]. on our way out, the shopkeeper warned us that their chocolate needs to be eaten within one week of purchase [due to the uber-fresh factor]. unnecessary info. we had already eaten two while waiting for the receipt. 

[kee's chocolates . 80 thompson street . new york]