look : femme fatale [the hustler]

the hustler walks into the bar and scans the room. typical friday night. a banker, some regulars and a  couple that still thinks they're in love. the bartender gives her a knowing smile and starts on the usual drink: soda with two limes. the hustler tells men that it has two shots of vodka. it makes them think they've got a better chance of winning the game or getting her to go home with them. or both.

the hustler spots her mark. men who wear sunglasses at night are asking for it. he leans against the wall and lights up a cigarette. she points to the no smoking sign and he smiles while he takes a drag. she sits on the pool table, flips her hair and looks back at him. that's it. hooked.

he tells the bartender to get them another round. the hustler slides off the table and grabs her cue. she downs her drink and says, "so, you want to play a game?"

[the hustler]
jimmy choo stilettos 
*additional photography by ben koepp