look : femme fatale [la fille de joie]

her chains jingle to the rhythm of her swaying hips. she is that fracture of light that seeps in at dawn forcing an awakening. the room is enraptured. captive. like moths to a flame.

she reels them in, relishing her hold on them. a skilled huntress, paid to toy with her prey. he surrenders. hypnotized by the pendulum sway of her pearled tassel. she will always be in control.

hidden behind languid lashes, her dark eyes are bored. she parts the folds, silhouetted by the red lights of her vocation. he asks her to dance.

she's been here before. she'll come here again.
she titivates for yet another ritual. 
pulling black sheer over her supple thighs
she falls into her trance
and with her, they dance.

[la fille de joie] 
 urban outfitter's heels 
chains - bought from street vendor during our effy from skins phase 
barney's new york pearl ornament