sip : infused [honey ginger bubble tea]

most people use ginger to fight a cold and to make back-alley sushi taste expensive. us ginger folk need it to keep our hair bright and shiny [it’s a fact, look it up]. hawa smoothies and bubble tea has given us a reason to keep stacks on stacks of cash. this hole in the wall tea shop has rows of fresh fruit and veggies, sambazon acai and pick-your-own-color straws. brightening up one of the ugliest and most trafficked streets in the east village, we now have something to look forward to whenever we walk to the L-train. the best part about bubble tea is the texture. smooth, supple and round, boba are just dying to become a risque snl skit. add freshly sliced ginger, and it’s a whole new ballgame [ball joke. ha]. a little crunch and a lot of spice, it’s been fifteen minutes since my last big-straw gulp and my mouth is still singing...

[honey ginger bubble tea]
hawa smoothies & bubble tea . 422 e 14th st . new york