spot : czech republic [prague]

after the iron curtain fell, prague became a time warp where anything goes. fashion is stuck in the '90s with bootcut jeans and band t-shirts, the music is '70s disco, and the local cuisine is medieval [meat, bread and potatoes]. the city center has ancient roman arches, mid-century parisian cobblestone and a starbucks on the corner. in the winter, old town square clears out, tourist shops close up and the czechs do what they do best : drink. so let's grab a pint of pivo and make a toast. to kafka and hockey, na zdraví!

1. muzeum metro stop
2. spaghetti alle vongole at cottocrudo
3. jannah drinking pivo at the game
4. human bubble wars in between periods
5. tea at long tale cafe in holesovice
6. chandelier at the ballet
7. proscuitto, mozarella & scallops at cottocrudo
8. vintage car by old town square
9. jannah camouflaging with the lennon wall