look : birthday [ginger spice]

at the peak of viva forever and wannabe, jannah had a spice girls party. actually she had two spice girls parties. twice she rocked pleather, leopard and more pleather. #shorthairdontcare was not trending in the 90s [trending wasn't even a fake-verb yet]. so she slapped on an auburn wig, finished it with a dragonfly clip [one step up from the butterfly clip] and threw a bunch of peace signs. now it's 2013 and we're having a nostalgic moment. crop tops. flatforms. it's all back. and since savera is a south-asian benjamin button, she can still rock a 7-year-old's shirt. hi ci ya hold tight!

[cinnamon spice]
bomber jacket - found in club

[ginger spice]
lulu bravo jacket