spot : czech republic [karlovy vary]

santa's pastel village. human-sized snow globe. karlovy vary is that place that your parents said you could only see in disney movies. eastern europe has been in on the secret of this town's mystical mineral baths and herbal liquors, but the rest of the world only knows it as the backdrop to casino royale and the last holiday, that queen latifah movie. take a peak at the fairytale-come-to-life, with buildings the colors of french macarons, powder snow and unlimited becherovka tastings. just make sure you are near a toilet. that enchanted water will transform you into queen of the porcelain throne.

[karlovy vary]
1. town center
2. hot springs & drinking cup
3. fountain
4. almond wafers
5. above the fountains
6. glassblowing
7. jannah & her favorite beverage
8. becherovka barrels
9. wax man at work
10. wax woman at work
11. jannah foraging through the snow