fete : christmas [lego nutcracker part 1]

the nutcracker is one of our favorite parts of the holiday season. the balanchine ballet version. the local dance studio with scratchy soundtrack version. this year, we're doing it differently. lego-style. are you ready to crack some plastic multicolored nuts?

it is christmas eve. all of the guests arrive at the annual holiday party. decked out in their finest, dad rocks his white epaulette, mom glides about in her ballgown and clara is giddy in her pink frock.

who is this mysterious man? oh, it is just drosselmeyer, the eclectic toy maker [and the kids' godfather].

fritz is not happy. why does clara get a nutcracker? time to hatch a brotherly scheme...

break the toy! that way nobody can play with it. ha!

clara sleeps while the owl clock magically turns into drosselmeyer.

the tree begins to grow. it gets bigger. and bigger. the living room melts away and the broken nutcracker becomes a life-sized soldier.

mice fill the room and corner clara. the mouse king and the nutcracker/soldier guy battle [stick to sword. i wonder who will win...] 

to be continued...