fete : christmas [lego nutcracker part 2]

the nutcracker is one of our favorite parts of the holiday season. the balanchine ballet version. the local dance studio with scratchy soundtrack version. this year, we're doing it differently. lego-style. are you ready to crack some plastic multicolored nuts? if you missed part 1, here it is.

the nutcracker and clara double-team the mouse king and the rats run away to mouse mourn. clara thanks the nutcracker for defending her honor and shoop! he turns into a prince [with long glistening locks].

brrrrrrrrrr. clara and the prince travel through the land of snow.

welcome to the land of sweets! the sugarplum fairy sets up a nice carousel throne for her new visitors.

coffee and peppermint perform precise pirouettes.

marzipan gives clara and her prince a sweet, almond-y treat.

the polichinelles do an adorable wacky waltz [the one time clowns are cute].

this has been fun, but clara has to go back home. she doesn't want to miss christmas morning!