fete : christmas [new york city]

new york city around christmastime is weird. twilight zone weird. strangers hold the door of the subway, starbucks baristas take the time to get your name right and those peta and dominos flyer-fanatics disappear. manhattan becomes a friendly neighborhood, drizzled in fairy lights with a blanket of snow. of course, once the post-holiday sales start and the snow turns to sludge, everyone returns to blank faces and ignoring you when you wipe out on black ice. but for the moment, we're going to chug eggnog and marvel at our urban wonderland.

1. bergdorf goodman window
2. mother ginger ornament
3.abc carpet's  octopus ornament
4. bloomingdale's window
5. bergdorf goodman window
6. starbucks' elf on a shelf cookie
7. bergdorf goodman window
8. abc carpet's ganesha ornament
9. barbie nutcracker
10. bergdorf goodman window
11. rudolph slippers