taste : family recipes [faux-ranchito soup]

sometimes your great, great grandmother passes down the ingredients of the family's secret sauce. other times, you eat something ridiculously delicious and all you want to do is rip it off and make that recipe yours. this was the case with el ranchito's chicken soup. we've all suffered through flu chicken soup, canned chicken soup and chicken soup for the blah blah soul. but this was different. it was a hot-lime-herb tongue explosion followed by the cold pico de gallo topping and a creamy avocado finish. we recreated this west-coast delicacy, replaced the rice with quinoa [for the extra protein] and tweaked the amount of citrus [the lime-ier the better]. thanks newport for the gastronomical inspo [as if the summer/seth spiderman kiss wasn't enough].

[faux-ranchito soup]
chicken broth
jalapeno pepper