fete : book art [savera's picks]

sorry, after-school specials, kate hudson rom-coms and teachers of the world : we always judge a book by it's cover. the two of us have distinct taste when we walk into a barnes & noble [or flip through apple books]. jannah goes for the neon backgrounds, pop art photographs and playful fonts. savera's opinion carries a bit more clout [being a casual book model and all]. she sticks to the ones with a south asian vibe. throw a deity on the binding or an ancient chant on the dust jacket and she's in. let the paperback prizefight begin.

1. kama sutra by pavan k. varma
2. celebrating delhi by various authors
3. the camel bookmobile by masha hamilton
4. indian summer: the secret history of the end of an empire by alex von tunzelmann
5. electric feather: the tranquebar book of erotic stories edited by joshi ruchir
6. white mughals by william dalrymple
7. precarious poems by aparna halpe [featuring savera in a floppy hat]
8. the moon in the water by ameena hussein [featuring savera in repose]