taste : family recipes [epiphany]

epiphany is more than that einstein moment when you realize what peanut butter does to chocolate or that a zebra and donkey can be breeded together [zonky]. it is also the holiday on january sixth, the official end of the holiday season. the magi brought gold, frankincense and myrrh back in the day. we brought wine, sri lankan curry and fancy pasta to this year's party. with a spread like this, we want to make every day an epiphany [insert cartoon light bulb here].

1. the spread
2. wine on tap
3. mushroom plait
4. box o' carbs
5. christmas ham with basil leaves, dates and feta/buffalo-curd dip
6. crab mousse
7. plate [clockwise from top]: mini breudher bread pudding with a arrack infused creme anglais, pita chip, crab mousse, grilled vegetables with curry leaf pesto, pulled chicken with apple, and ham with toppings