spot : spain [toledo]

toledo is a medieval fairytale come to life: the tagus river doubling as a moat coils around the ancient city known for its mystical swords. lounging among the fertile greenery, visigoths, charles the first and puss in boots take a sangria-infused nap. the cathedral is always full, the meat is always red and the cheese is always manchego. go squeeze an orange into your wine, open a pack of it's-never-too-early-for-christmas-at-cvs marzipan and inhale the faintly metallic air of spain's "imperial city."

1. spanish marzipan
2. caterpiller bus
3. the clock tower
4. the tagus river
5. flowers and a fortress
6. braised balsamic beef
7. sangria
8. carcamusa [beef stew]